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Rewire: Moving from Trauma to Healing

Senior Architect

This is a 4 week workshop on Wednesdays 

from 9:00-11:00 am: 

Oct 10th - Oct. 31st


$225.00 for the workshop

Please contact Laura Lombardi, LICSW or Carolyn Morgan, Ph.D. at 

(603) 880-9880 for any questions or to register as space is limited

Coaching Towards Emotional Balance

Senior Architect

This is a 4 week workshop on Tuesdays from 4:30-6:30 pm:

Aug. 28th - Sept. 18th

Workshop held by 

Growing Resilience 

and taught by Carolyn Morgan, Ph.D. and Linda Haytayan, RYT.


$195.00 per child.

Please contact Carolyn Morgan, Ph.D. at

(603) 880-9880 for more information or to register. Space is limited!



Senior Architect

Take time for one of the most important aspects of motherhood - you!

Gain support, learn coping skills, and maximize your motherhood experience. 

Two unique groups available:

- During Pregnancy

- Following Delivery

Please contact Laura Lombardi, LICSW at 

(603) 880-9880 for more information about 

joining these groups and preparing for the role of motherhood.